Wednesday, February 17, 2010


So I gave into all the buzz about these Magnolia stamps and bought a bunch of them along with some copic sketch markers. I realized it's going to take a while to learn how to shade and blend the colors together on the stamps, but for now I am content with what I have made. I decided to add a Magnolia stamp to my fiances Valentine card and I think she turned out really cute :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

MY 2nd CARD!!!

I'm on a roll here everyone! Since discovering this wonderful world of Card Making just about a month ago, I have made two cards. It's true! Two wonderful cards that I am so proud of. It gives the card so much more meaning when you make it yourself :) Anyhoo, this is a Valentines card I made for a friend in one of my Yahoo groups. I'm hoping she'll like it. Now I have to make one for my future hubby. Seeing as how it's the 10th, I better get a move on it.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


I FINALLY did it! I made my very first card using my Cricut. A friend of mine turned 50 today and I thought a handmade card would be wonderful. Next up will be my very first card using a Magnolia stamp. I want to make my fiance a Valentines card with the first stamp I bought. I just need to buy more copics. So make sure to check back and see my latest.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wedding Signs DONE!!!

I finally got around to making the sign for my Candy Station. Whew! I also finally got to put my Brand New Cricut to use. See the four corner designs and the matting? My cricut did that! That's right, took all but 2 minitues. hahahahaha Ok, so I know it's not much but at least I'm learning how to use it. :)
This is the a framed note I made for each table that will have a camera next to it, for the guests to take snapshots with. Again, not much use from the cricut, but the little bit I did use, made ALL the difference! I just love the red florish design!

I still have to do the programs and place cards, so stay tuned!