Wednesday, February 10, 2010

MY 2nd CARD!!!

I'm on a roll here everyone! Since discovering this wonderful world of Card Making just about a month ago, I have made two cards. It's true! Two wonderful cards that I am so proud of. It gives the card so much more meaning when you make it yourself :) Anyhoo, this is a Valentines card I made for a friend in one of my Yahoo groups. I'm hoping she'll like it. Now I have to make one for my future hubby. Seeing as how it's the 10th, I better get a move on it.


Kris in Alaska said...

Melanie you are off to a wonderful start! Your work is lovely and yes... you are now addicted!! Welcome to my world! lol I don't have a blog... yet... but I do have a flickr photo account if you'd like to see my cards/art here:
I'm in Alaska waving "hello"! I'll be down San Diego way late next month though!

Kris in Alaska
funamom at yahoo dot com

Arantxa said...


I like so much your card!it's so sweet
we compart the same hobbies Scrapbooking and miniatures.

Happy Valentine's day!!